Argentinian pork milanesas recipe

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I am here with a new post and this one is for a recipe, yayyy!!, no anxiety talk today guys! 🙂
In Argentina we call them ” Milanesas” and here in the US they are known as “milanese” ( At least that’s how they did at some Italian restaurant that I went a couple years ago) or simply “pork parmigiana” or “chicken parmigiana” ( the most common version).

I chose the pork version but you can do the same thing with chicken or beef, they are all delicious!
I will be making more cooking posts in the future but since I am eating paleo ( or almost paleo) at the moment there are many ingredients I like to experiment with that I cannot use.. ( meaning dairy and sugar) but I only have 2 more weeks of full paleo left so bear with me and then you can expect a wider variety of dishes featured here on my Blog!
So let get into the ” milanesas” recipe!

Ingredients ( I made a total of 7 milanesas)


* Thin pork tenderloins

* Bread crumbs

* 1 egg

* Parsley ( 1 Tb)

* Salt and pepper ( I forgot to add those when I was making them)

* Tomato slices ( This is optional really, you don’t have to put those)

* Bacon ( This is also optional)

* Mashed sweet potatoes ( I didn’t made them from scratch, sorry but I am sure it is almost like making mashed potatoes which is super easy)

*** Pre heat oven at 355 F ( 180 C) and cook for about 12 minutes but every oven is different so make sure you check the milanesas out and flip them half way if you can.

Step 1

Remove any fat from the pork tenderloin’s edges

Step 2

Mix one egg, 1 tb of parsley, salt and pepper on a bowl and on another separate bowl or plate put the bread crumbs in there ( I cannot tell you exactly how much I use but just pour a good amount and then if you need more to cover the tenderloins with it you can add more ( look at the pictures and watch the video to have a better idea)

Step 3

Put each pork tenderloin on the egg,parsley, etc mix, make sure it is all covered in that

Step 4

Put each pork tenderloin on the bread crumbs bowl and again, make sure it is all covered with the crumbs

Step 5

Pre heat oven at 355 F ( 180 C)

Step 6

Cut the bacon strips in small pieces and the tomatoes ( if you are gonna add any) in thin slices
Cook the bacon for about  8 – 10 mins or so, make sure you check on it and don’t let it burn like I did ( my bad..!! you want it crispy but not burnt)

Step 7

Put some coconut or olive oil on the cooking tray so they don’t stick ( you don’t want that)

Step 8

 Once the oven is on 355 F ( 180 c) put the milanesas on the tray and cook for about 12 minutes ( Every oven is different so make sure you check on them often and flip them half way if you can)

Milanesas before going into the oven ( of course)

Step 9

Remove the milanesas out of the oven, add the bacon and tomato slices on top

Step 10

Serve with sweet mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes and I would had added some salad as well but I didn’t have enough ingredients to make one when I filmed the video, took the pics.

Step 11

Be creative, have fun!! I would have added cheese on top of the milanesas but since I am eating paleo for another two weeks I couldn’t do that ( Oh how I miss my cheese!! 🙁

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and feel free to request other recipes that you would like me to try and feature here on my Blog, I am open to new ideas!!
Have a lovely weekend everybody!
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