Madam Glam gel nail polish full on review

Hello there guys!
Today’s post is about beauty, yes, one of my favorite things to talk and make videos about and that is how I started my YouTube channel and my first Blog so… let ‘s get into it, shall we?
On this post I will be talking about a product I’ve kinda discovered recently, I say “kinda” because I ‘ve heard about it a couple years ago but for some reason I wasn’t brave enough to invest on it ( I had bad experiences with other gel polish brands in the past)

I am talking about the MADAM GLAM GEL NAIL POLISH, they are a great brand, cruelty free, 5 free (Which means their products are better for you as well,that means they’re free of formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and tolueneโ€”plus formaldehyde resin and camphor, too. So safer for your nails…and for you) and the best part, they LAST a long time on, without chipping ๐Ÿ™‚

I was told by a nail technician a couple years ago that my nail beds were oily ( never heard about that before but it seems that can cause regular polish to chip very easily, so yeah regular polish usually starts going bad on me on the first day or so, not fun, specially now that I am a mom and my “me time” it is NOT what it used to be so If I am going to be painting my nails I want them to last.

I am glad I decided to give these gel polishes a try because now I don’t think I am going back to regular polish..
I finished filming a full on review yesterday and the polish ( with some chipping and minor “lifting” lasted for two weeks!!!, yes ladies, I removed the polish yesterday after having it on for two full weeks, amazing!
I have a video up on my YT channel showing you how the polish worked on me day by day ( after day 8 I got tired so I skipped a few days until it was time to remove, otherwise it would had been a very repetitive video.. ha ha
Anyways you can see how cool those polishes are for yourself , they have promotions ALL the time so try to never pay full price, most times you can get two polishes for 20.00 USD instead of just one ๐Ÿ™‚
I also got a 40 % OFF coupon when I placed my first order and I think that still runs so go take and advantage of that!
Another neat thing is that they ship worldwide so if you are outside the US you can still get them!
Alright enough for now, I hope you enjoy the full on review ( I also have a video where I show you a HAUL I got from this brand with swatches and all that good stuff.
Have a great week and happy Wednesday!


This chameleon color changes from whitish when in normal or hot temperatures to fuscia when in cold temperatures, super cool!
These are all the colors I own so far, one prettier than the other! ๐Ÿ™‚
This is the color I used for my full on review, it is from their Chameleon line and it’s called ” Life on top”



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