Chick Fil A’s Smokehouse BBQ bacon sandwich and watermelon mint lemonade review

Chick Fil A’s Smokehouse BBQ bacon sandwich and watermelon mint lemonade review

Hello everyone!! and Happy Thursday! We are almost done with the week! Yayyy!
Back a few months ago I used to do taste tests for my YouTube channel and I would have a blast doing those so I thought ” Why not do the same for my Blog now”??
If you want to see more food reviews please let me know or if this is something you don’t care for I want you to let me know as well ; this is a new Blog I am starting so I would appreciate some feedback on what kind of posts you want to see in here and what posts you think don’t belong in here or you are not too interested in.
With that being said, let’s begin with our review ( taste test);

I know this chicken sandwich and lemonade had been out for a few weeks already ( Probably most of the summer) but since I was eating full paleo I didn’ t have the chance to try them until yesterday and let me tell you that it was worth the wait! ha ha
The chicken sandwich comes with colby jack cheese, a juicy piece of grilled chicken breast, some yummy sweet and spicy bacon ( I think they put pepper and brown sugar on it) and of course some lettuce 🙂
It was delicious you guys! , I mean, I know we all have different tastes but that sandwich was worth the wait, believe me!!
If you like Chick Fil A or if you like chicken sandwiches and bacon in general I def suggest you try it out ( It’s a limited time menu item and the same goes for the watermelon mint lemonade so HURRY UP!!)
When it comes to the lemonade, I only have one complaint ; they gave me like half of the glass with ice, and the other half with lemonade….
So if you go, I suggest you ask the lady at the register to go easy on the ice, otherwise they put way too much and you don’t get much lemonade…
With that being said, you can probably imagine my opinion about how that lemonade tastes and yes, you guessed right, it is super REFRESHING and DELICIOUS!
You have to try it for yourself , it’s ideal for summer with those fresh flavors from the watermelon and the hint of mint mmmmm ( I love mint btw, if you don’t like that you might not find it as delicious)
So I am gonna give this chicken sandwich a 5 stars because of the taste, oh and I forgot to mention, the bun the chicken breast comes with it is kinda SWEET, reminded me of my all time favorites King Hawaiian rolls ( If you haven’t tried those yet I suggest you do, they are the closest thing to what I used to get in CT and they were called ” Snowflake rolls” there, I haven’t been able to find those here in Florida ( Those are exclusive from Big Y I believe) so yes, if you like sweet bread like I do, then that’s another reason why you should try that sandwich out!
And for the lemonade I am gonna give it 4 stars and a half and just because they put too much ice on it so I only got half a glass of lemonade instead of the whole thing or more quantity…

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if there are some other yummy food items you want me to review please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will make sure to check them out!
If I keep doing these food reviews they are probably gonna be my favorite posts to make ( and yes, I know, everything in moderation, don’t think I will stop working out or eating healthy the rest of the week), I know how things work by now and I know balance is important.
Now that I am done with the full paleo, I am trying to eat healthy 80 – 90 % of the time and then have a couple treats with the other 10 – 20 % I have left!
Hope you are having a great week and expect my homemade guacamole and chips recipe VERY soon ( as well as the video on my YouTube channel)
Love you guys!


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