Paleo banana pancakes ( Recipe and video)

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):) life has been pretty hectic for me so I am very happy that the weekend is finally here!
I know this is a new Blog but if you had been following my You Tube channel since the beginning you will notice this recipe is a repeat one.. oopsies… ( Yes I know what you are thinking..) but I’ ve been very busy with life in general, my 5 months old baby, my channel, etc so I haven’t felt like trying out a new recipe for you guys this week but you can expect a new recipe coming next Friday, I promise!!
Plus this paleo banana pancakes “formula” has been very popular both on my YT channel and on my older Blog so I thought why not include it here in my new ” Blogging home”?

Also, I know my last few posts had been recipe posts but this new Blog won’t be an strictly cooking Blog by any means, it ‘s just that like I said, things can get extra busy at times and I end up leaving my Blog for last and well, this happens… ha ha but I will try to post twice a week from now on, and make review and beauty posts as well, just bear with me! 🙂

All you need is ( These quantities are for 2 pancakes only so if you want to make more you are gonna have to double or triple the ingredients, etc)

* One banana

* One egg

* Coconut oil, 1 teaspoon ( Just so the pancake mix doesn’t stick to the pan)

* Strawberries or blueberries or any fruit you would like to add as a side

* Almond or peanut butter, if you want to give this breakfast a sweeter touch!

The preparation steps are super easy!

1)First you are gonna smash the banana

2) Add the egg and mix everything very well!

3) Leave the strawberries or blueberries aside and then you will add them to your plate when the pancakes are done.

4) Put the pan on the stove and wait for it to get hot, add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, move it around to make sure the oil spreads all over the pan.

5) Wait a couple of minutes and put half of the mix into the pan ( that is good for 1 pancake).

6) Once there you wait a couple minutes until it starts getting brownish ( With a non stick spatula lift the pancakes edges so it doesn’t stick and it cooks evenly, don’t wait too long, this mix can overcook very easily and we don’t want that!!

7) Once one side is ready, you are gonna flip the pancake ( I used a spatula to help me flip it because I was using a small pot so it was a bit trickier)

8) When the pancake is flipped over, you are gonna wait another couple minutes to make sure it is fully cooked.

and 9) Voila! your pancakes are ready to eat!!, put the rest of the mix and repeat depending on how many more pancakes you are going to make 🙂

*** I like adding a tablespoon of almond ( PALEO) or peanut butter so it gives the pancake a much more sweeter taste ( remember we are not using any sugar here…) but that is optional, you can add it or not, whatever you prefer!

And that ‘s it!! now it s time to enjoy a super easy, quick and delicious breakfast or brunch!
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If there is any recipe you would like me to make a post or video about, please let me know!!

Love u guys and have a great weekend!!


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Check out my paleo banana pancakes video below 🙂