Auto Rock and Play Sleeper by Fisher Price Review

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great week 🙂
I had been trying to finish this post for like over a week now but you know how busy life can get at times right? 🙂
Well I am happy I finally have the chance to finish it and review this product for you guys.
I got this auto rock and play sleeper by Fisher Price before Lucas was born, a friend of mind recommended it to me and I watched a few videos on YT that showed it as a newborn must have so I was like ” I have to get it” 🙂
I m gonna start talking about the pros, the positive things about this item;

  • Is it convenient? YES, it totally is!!
    I remember Lucas’s first weeks at home, putting him on this rocker was the only way I could get things done around the house, if you are a mom you know that can be a challenge at times specially when you have a ” Mama’s boy” like I do and sometimes he just want to be with me and even though my husband tries to help me by holding him, etc sometimes he just wants mommy…
    So this product allowed me to get stuff done and being able to keep an eye on him while I was cooking or cleaning.
  • It is very portable, light weight and good if you are traveling or on the go ( If you are gonna visit a friend or family member you can easily fold it and pack it in the car.
  • It has different music and rocking settings to choose from ( From the typical lullaby song to nature sounds and slower or faster speed)
  • You can set it to go to sleep after 30 minutes or up to 6 hours!!
  • They come in gender neutral patterns ( That ‘s what I chose in case baby # 2 ever arrives and it’s a girl) as well as girl specific patterns as well.
  • You don’t have to rock it ( hence why it’s called AUTO rock and play), you plug it in, choose the setting and you can head and do any chores or simply take a nice power nap ( I love it when I get to do that, 30 mins is usually all I need to feel energized again)
  • It can hold up to 20 lbs so if you baby fits in there well ( Lucas is 5 months now and over 23 inches long, he still fits but I don’t think he will be using it much longer and there’s another reason why for that but I will explain on the cons details section)
  • It is machine washable and dryer safe ( In fact I washed it the other day and now it looks brand new!!)
  • Price point: It currently retails for 61.99 on Amazon

And now let’s talk about the negative, the cons;

There are two things I am going to mention here:

  • I wish that toy that it comes with was removable, it kinda gets in the way when I lay my baby there, it is made of hard plastic so it bothers him if he lays on it…
  • and 2nd and most important thing I DO NOT LIKE about it at all is that when doing my research about it before writing my review, I came across another mommy Blogger post, she was a physical therapist and she talked about how so many of her patients happened to own this gear product…
    If you follow my You Tube channel you might know that Lucas was diagnosed with torticolis and flat head syndrome not too long ago and it turns out that part of it might had been caused by using this rocker too much..
    Yes, I know he was a preemie and they have higher chances to have these symptoms but according to that physical therapist mom this kind of rocker doesn’t help ( Wish I had known before I let Lucas sleep there through the night when he would wake up every 2 hrs and this rocker was the only place where he would sleep for longer periods of time)
    According to her, leaving babies in there for long hours can contribute to developing a flat spot in the head ( I m hoping physical therapy is enough to fix that and that he doesn’t need a helmet to correct that but we will see!) due to its product shape and position the baby is in.
    She also said it haven’t been proved that this helps with acid reflux like some people think ( Lucas has a pretty bad acid reflux problem but we are not sure what’s causing it, he has good and bad days)I am going to conclude my review by saying that yes, it s a convenient gear product if you want to lay the baby there for a few minutes ( I m gonna say no longer than 30 minutes to an hour) but it is NOT safe to leave your kiddo there for long periods of time), they are better off laying on a flat surface ( Think of pack and play or play mat, Lucas is loving his play mat at the moment)
    Don’t make the same mistake I did and let him sleep there for the night or let him take long naps ( 2 – 3 hrs sometimes), you will thank me later when you don’t have to pay expensive physical therapy sessions or even need the helmet therapy to fix an uneven head…)
    If I ever have baby # 2 I won’t let him/her more than 30 minutes or so at the time, if they are fuzzy I will try other methods to help them fall asleep but not this rocker.
    It is a great tool when you are busy and need to get things done while keeping an eye on them but it is not good for extended use.I hope this review was helpful and if it was don’t forget to share this post and leave me a comment if you have any questions or if there is another product you would be interested in seeing a review here on my Blog.Thanks for reading and stopping by everyone!
    Love you guys and stay calm!


  • This post was NOT sponsored, these are my honest opinions and what works for me might not work for you and vice versa.
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