How to recover your nails after using color gels

Hello everyone!! And Happy Labor day if you are in the USA 🙂
So I am here with another post and as you can tell by the title it is beauty related and not a recipe like you might have been expecting…
I was gonna try and film another recipe for you guys ( to post on Friday like I usually do) but after getting all my healthy food this past weekend I realized that if I was gonna get the stuff to make the brownies I was planning on making ( Yeah sorry for the next recipe spoiler..ha ha) I was gonna go over my weekly grocery budget which I am trying very hard at the moment to stick to but don’t panic, I will try my best to have another recipe up by Friday Sep 15th ( no excuses, I will make those brownies before then! 🙂
Sorry for going off topic but I wanted to explain why there was no new recipe last Fri..
So let’s get into a complete different field this time around and that is: NAILS 🙂
I remember those days before I had my son when I would paint my nails different colors every week, take several pictures, post them on Instagram, etc…
Now those days are long gone and that is why I started painting my nails with color gel polishes instead ( Yeah the ones you have to use the lamp to cure them, etc)
If you had been following my Blog for a while you might remember I went all crazy about gel polish around My B day I believe ( June 20th) and I used those amazing madam glam polishes week after week for a total of 4 weeks ( 1 month) and that, my friends, hurt my nails pretty bad..
Now like I mentioned on my YT video, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying gel polishes are bad and you should stop using them, NO HELL NO…
But what I learned is that no matter how “natural” and free of harmful chemicals color gel polishes are ( Like the Madam Glam ones) you still should go easy with it and not leave it on for much longer than a week as well as give your nails a break; so for example, if you paint your nails this week, go ahead and do it, enjoy your beautiful gel manicure but then take a couple weeks break and THEN you can paint them again, that way your nails can breath better and you don’t damage your nails so much when you remove the polish.
I ended up with 5 BROKEN NAILS ladies… not 1 or 2 but 5.. and that was caused after using gel polish for so many weeks in a row..
So if you get gel nails done pretty often make sure you check out my video because there I show you what I had been doing in order to recover/ repair my nails after using gel polish.

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