Merry Xmas and Where have I been?

Hello everyone!!
First of all I hope you are having/ had a MERRY MERRY beautiful Xmas or whatever Holiday you celebrate, I can’t believe we are almost at the end of the year, what a year it has been for me, a total rollercoster for sure!
My goodness, it feels like it’s been forever and a day since my last post and well… I’ve been gone since September so yeah, it’s been a while and I wanna apologize for it!
I have SO many updates to give you guys that I don’t know where to start… ha ha
When it comes to my life in general not many things have changed but a sad event happened and that was losing my grandma ( pretty much unexpectedly) last October ๐Ÿ™
At least I can say she didn’t suffer for long so that was a good thing.. she was doing really good and got pretty sick ( heart issues) and a week later heaven gained an angel that I know is watching over my family and myself now.
I really wanted her to meet Lucas next month but I guess it wasn’t meant to be, at the same time I know she is watching him now and she would very proud of him.

When it comes to Lucas health, I don’t even remember what the last update was when I wrote my last post ,but basically he had a few sessions of Physical Therapy to correct his torticolis on his neck and that was a big SUCCESS!, he can now not only turn his neck to both sides equally but also tolerate tummy time like a champ and all that lead to a bunch of improvements, he is now even getting into the crawling position, I haven’tย  shared the whole story with you guys but Lucas has come a LONG way since he was born and his first few months, I am SO proud of him!!
Now he is doing Occupational therapy at home, once a week and we are working on him being able to sit without any help ( he has gotten much better but still needs to work on that), also on how to pick food from the chair tray, crawl and more, he makes progress every session and that’s what counts right?
On a different and a bit more serious note we are also waiting on his genetic test ( Micro Array) results, yup, I think the only thing I have mentioned here on my Blog is that the cardiologist suggested genetic testing before doing his inguinal hernia surgery and after months andย  months ( since July) of waiting, we are about to find out if there is something genetic going on ( and that’s is the cause of the motor delay, a bit of short stature, etc)
If we do get a diagnosis ( let’s hope not) I will make a video on my channel explaining how our journey was, how everything started, the symptoms he was having and the whole road to diagnosis ( if there is one).
I wanna finish my post here letting you guys know that I will try to post here at least once a week and I would really like to dedicate more time to my Blog from now on and maybe upload less videos on m YT channel since the changes they are making are really affecting me and my channel that I’ve had for almost 4 years by the way went from being a source of income for me to just a hobby…
It was just a hobby ( but that I always intended to grow and hopefully make profit out of it ) to a source of extra income and now it’s back to a hobby but it seems making my channel grow it is almost impossible, it is not the best time to try to make it big on YT right now, what can I say? lol
So I will dedicate more time to writing, posting on my Blog and I hope you guys enjoy my posts which will include: recipes, makeup tutorials, beauty related posts,ย  travel posts when I visit my family in Argentina,parenting posts, updates about Lucas ‘ health and more!
I love you guys and thanks for sticking around, I hope at least some of you are still around after such a long absence, and let’s hope it doesn’t happen again! ๐Ÿ™‚
Have an amazing week and I will be back with another post very soon!!


PS: Here are some sweet pics of my adorable Santa lil helper and my lovely Grandma ( RIP) for all of you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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